Access Keys:

St. Mary's Primary School, 123 Granemore Road Tassagh Armagh


Primary 5

  • Literacy proofreading and editing
  • Away with words (word class activities)
  • Rising Stars-Skills builders booklet.
  • New Waves Mental maths booklets light and dark.
  • Assessment booklet -revision on time.
  • Active Learn booklet-Function machines and number patterns.
  • Bar graph worksheet -back to back.

Additionally, children currently have revision booklets for fractions, number work and time already in their folders (which they were working independently on when they finished their class work). They can continue with these.

Education city- (ICT)- Children’s online work is highlighted in SET CLASSWORK: LITERACY-MARCH/APRIL and NUMERACY-MARCH/APRIL.

(Children know to independently go into either literacy/numeracy)

- Primary 4 & 5 to access activities to revise eg times tables/patterns verbs, nouns, adjectives, homophones, conjunctions etc.

Suggestions for parents-Monday to Friday children are to complete;

  • Alternate literacy activities -proofreading/editing, skill builders and Away with words- day about.
  • Daily mental maths activities (1 column from each) from light and dark booklet (dark booklet is more challenging but children are familiar with tasks).
  • -1 numeracy activity from function machines/patterns booklet.
  • Complete at least 10-15mins on Topmarks- Hit the Button tables and division facts.-x3/x4/x5/x6
  • -ICT Education City activity either literacy/numeracy.-Daily reading from class reader or library book.