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St. Mary's Primary School, 123 Granemore Road Tassagh Armagh

The School Curriculum

Curriculum Statement Policy

It is the policy of the Board of Governors of St Mary's Primary School Granemore, that in accordance with its Catholic Ethos and with the Northern Ireland Education Reform Order 1989, a balanced and broadly based curriculum which promotes their spiritual, moral, cultural, intellectual and physical development will be offered to all pupils thus ensuring their full entitlement under the Northern Ireland Curriculum.  It is the policy, too, of the Board of Governors that the school will go beyond that entitlement in areas where there are particular expertise among the staff. We shall ensure that the necessary resources, material and personnel, are available to the school for the implementation of the Northern Ireland Curriculum. 

It will be the aim of the school to maximise the potential of each pupil and recognising that pupils will make progress at varying rates, provision will be made for this disparity in learning rates so that the brighter pupils will be stretched to their limit and the less able pupils will be allowed to progress according to their ability.

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