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St. Mary's Primary School, 123 Granemore Road Tassagh Armagh


Primary 1                      Home Learning



Each week children should work on High frequency word booklet and the corresponding keyword bookmark. This will continue to aid your child’s ability to read.

Please remember to go over your Blue card everyday – trace letters with your finger and say the letter sounds and name.


Copy out the sentences in the high frequency booklet and read as well. Remember to remind children all sentences start with a capital letter and end with a full stop. Remember your fingers spaces when writing out your sentences.

In the letter booklet sent home are the remaining letters that we were to cover. The children should work on one letter per week. Week 1 is the letter ‘v’. Please complete the pages relating to the letter v and then complete the education city task on letter v. Spread it out over the week. We would normally complete 1/2 letter and number sheets per day. Week 2 is the letter ‘w’ please work on each letter as advised previously. Extra sheets can be found on the Twinkl website for letter formation, if necessary.


As with the literacy children need to work on Blue card every night. Practice formation of the numbers already covered and work on the next few number sheets in booklet. Children should continue to work on their tasks in their ‘Talk to Me’ boxes.


In the booklet are sheets on o’clock times. Children have worked in class on time but need it to be continued. Please use the clock in the Talk to Me box to help with this.


Again, as with time, there are money sheets in the book. Please use the coins again in the Talk to Me boxes to help aid understanding.

Online Learning

Oxford Owl website offer free eBooks for all reading abilities.

The app ‘Hairy Letters’ is a very good app for continuing work on letter formation. The children are familiar with this app and have worked on it in class.

Toca store is an app that may help your child with money.

Topmarks is an excellent website full of fun interactive games for both literacy and numeracy topics to help aid your child’s understanding of various areas.

Twinkl are also offering all parents a one-month free membership. This is a fabulous website that we use in school.

YouTube Miss Molly letter v – this is a wonderful little site, that we use every week to reinforce some of our letters. The children are very familiar with some of the letter songs. Just type Miss Molly letter – then whatever letter you wish to listen to.

Kind regards

Stephanie Reilly