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St. Mary’s Primary School, 123 Granemore Road Tassagh Armagh

The Arts

P5 with their models of buildings in the local community

This Area of Learning comprises the subjects of Art and Design, Drama and Music. 

Children’s creative, expressive and physical development is closely linked with all aspects of their learning. Children should be given opportunities to explore and share their thoughts, ideas and feelings through a variety of: art and design, music, movement, dance, dramatic and role-play activities.

Through taking part in a range of well-planned activities, children’s fine and gross motor skills will develop, they will gain confidence in what they can do and this will help build their self-esteem.


In St Mary's we offer a wide range of in-school and after-school activities in this are.

Art and design is an important part of our curriculum and we have fun and challenging activities going on all the time.

In P6 the children get a chance to create a model of their choice using scrap materials from school and home. The finished product is brought into school and exhibited at assembly each week. The creator of the model shares their ideas with the other children and explains the process they have gone through and the reasons for their choice.


In Primaries 1-3 the children are constantly undertaking little projects and their artwork and designs are displayed throughout the school.

In P4 the children will be working on creating a beautiful booklet to celebrate their First Penance and First Communion this year.